Step 'n Stride Participant - Emma Lyles

Emma Lyles
Hagerstown, MD

Total Raised to Date: $4,150.00

AnJie Doll$500.00
North Star Foundations, INC. $50.00
James and Cindy Stoneburner$50.00
Georgeann and Alfred Fiedler$150.00
John Gordon $100.00
Breese and Ann Dickinson$25.00
Carol Amarillo$50.00
Sally and George Reid$500.00
Brian Mellott$100.00
Theron Rinehart$25.00
Kevin and Betty Spessard$100.00
Emma Lyles$1000.00
Albright Crumbacker Moul & Itell LLC $100.00
Don and Brenda Ardinger $100.00
Ralph and Judith Hess$100.00
Linda Mason$300.00
Merle and Kathleen Saville $50.00
Sybil and Michael Attardi$50.00
Post Office $30.00
Ellen Fahey $40.00
DRS. Porac & Bachtell Family Dentistry $100.00
Brigitte and Richard Greenwald$50.00
Alfred Bendell $150.00
John and Susan Latimer $100.00
Louise and A.F. Abdullah $100.00
Irmi Montgomery $30.00
Barbara Miller$100.00
Mary and David Beachley $100.00
My Goal:
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