Step 'n Stride Participant - Susan Levin

Susan Levin
Hagerstown, MD

I am an 8 year survivor and am proud to walk to support all the help BCACV provides to those diagnosed with breast cancer.

Total Raised to Date: $1,615.00

Virginia Johnston $20.00
Anne Salter$25.00
Ellen Hill$50.00
The Flanagans$25.00
Archie Graff$50.00
Jessica Visco$50.00
Linda Ginsberg $25.00
Melanie Young$20.00
Jonny and Beth Barr$150.00
Meredith Metzger$25.00
John and Jeremy$140.00
Cheryl and Larry Sinoway $100.00
Katherine Hansen$25.00
Jan Lewis$25.00
Suzi Kachura$30.00
Dick and Nancy Offenhauser $25.00
Rachelle Rohner$25.00
Caitlin Rolnick$50.00
Amanda Creek$50.00
Carrie Kahn$25.00
Lillian York$100.00
Rebecca Bushey$100.00
Rachael Salvucci$25.00
Lieba Cohen$50.00
Linda Perlin$25.00
Hanna Reese$50.00
Joan Rosenthal$100.00
Gary Rosenthal$50.00
Harriet Griffith$100.00
Emily Surette$30.00
Lauren Barton$50.00
My Goal:
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